Walberg Urban Electrics GmbH – Egret One

Walberg Urban Electrics GmbH – Egret One – Eine Weltneuheit Unter den E-Scootern

Eine Weltneuheit Unter den E-Scootern

Get ready to steer your e-scooter through the city streets with the Egret One electric scooter. Its futuristic allure, effortless maneuverability, and eco-conscious nature make it the ultimate urban companion. Brace yourself for a ride that fuses style, convenience, and sustainability.

Egret One comes from a German manufacturer that specializes in making e-scooters with a distinctive touch. This company won Eurobike Award 2023 for their Egret One.  Stay with us to learn more about this revolutionary form of electric transportation:

The Egret One Limited Edition: A Quantum Leap into the Future of E-Scooters

Prepare to be astounded by the Egret One Limited Edition, an e-scooter that transcends the boundaries of innovation. 

Crafted with utmost care and passion, this remarkable vehicle results from 99% in-house development and 100% engineering excellence from the city of Hamburg. 

With only 2,000 units available, securing your pre-order now is essential for experiencing the pinnacle of electric scooter technology, with delivery scheduled for mid-August.

Revolutionary Features

Dare to ride like never before as the Egret One glides effortlessly on the world’s first 11″ e-scooter air tires, meticulously designed with renowned Formula 1 specialist Pirelli. These exceptional tires, exclusive to Egret, provide unrivaled riding comfort. 

With a high sidewall, the suspension travel is maximized, resulting in a smooth and pleasant ride, even without conventional suspension systems. 

Furthermore, in the unlikely event of damage, the innovative two-piece rim design facilitates easy tire replacement, ensuring minimal disruptions to your exhilarating journeys.

Perfect Braking, Propelling Innovation Forward

The Egret One pushes the boundaries of braking technology, boasting revolutionary hydraulic Schaeffler B-Safe rim brakes that deliver exceptional performance and longevity. 

With a record-breaking lifespan of 5,000 km per set of brake pads, these brakes offer unrivaled durability while remaining shielded from debris, water, and curbstones within the rim. 

The seamless integration of brake levers into the handlebar and throttle further enhances the premium feel and presents a sleek, high-end appearance. 

Empowering Convenience with Flexibility

The Egret One revolutionizes how you interact with your e-scooter, alleviating the burden of strenuous stair climbs. Its powerful 48 V battery, equipped with Samsung cells, can be effortlessly removed and charged with a simple wrist flick. 

While the convenience of this game-changing feature is undeniable, the Egret One’s impressive range of 65 km ensures that you won’t need to utilize it frequently.

Unlock, Change, Go!

You can unlock a world of possibilities as the battery cover of the Egret One opens seamlessly. It allows quick and hassle-free battery removal. 

An Advanced Cockpit Experience

The Egret One presents its most advanced cockpit, characterized by a modern and minimalist design. A 3.5″ TFT color display provides a clear and vibrant interface, allowing you to stay informed with ease. 

Additionally, the indicators are elegantly integrated into the ergonomic handlebar, enabling seamless control and enhancing safety and aesthetics. As you press your right thumb against the patented Egret throttle, a world of powerful performance and boundless excitement awaits.

Unleash the Power Within

Unleashing a tremendous torque of 35 Nm and boasting 500 watts of rated power, the Egret One houses the most potent motor in Egret’s esteemed lineup. Brace yourself for a journey that will leave you yearning for more as the Egret One propels you forward with irresistible force.

The three distinct riding modes, Eco, Tour, and Sport, grant you the flexibility to tailor your experience, ensuring that every ride is precisely what you desire.

Secure and Ready for Action

The Egret One understands the importance of keeping your investment safe. To ensure that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, this exceptional e-scooter comes equipped with an integrated anti-theft device. 

Seamlessly integrated into the folding mechanism, the Egret One’s locking system shares a key with the battery compartment, providing a convenient and secure solution. 

Illuminating the Way

With its certified light system, the Egret One effortlessly catches your attention while ensuring your safety on the road. The LED front light, featuring an illuminated logo, and the signature Egret rear light with a brake light function, set the Egret One apart from larger road users. 

Instead of hiding in the shadows, this e-scooter shines brightly, commanding attention in the best possible way. 

Crafted with Precision and Customization

Engineered in Germany, the Egret One’s frame design is the culmination of years of expertise, striking the perfect balance between material selection and ergonomic research. 

Constructed from robust magnesium, which is approximately 33% lighter than aluminum, the Egret One’s oval-shaped handlebar stem achieves remarkable stability and aerodynamics. This bespoke material choice ensures a lightweight yet durable frame that guarantees an exceptional riding experience.

Variable Sizing for Maximum Comfort

Recognizing that riders come in different shapes and sizes, the Egret One offers a height-adjustable handlebar, accommodating individuals ranging from 1.20 to 2.05 meters tall. 

This thoughtful design feature ensures that riders of various heights can find their perfect riding position, optimizing comfort and control. 

Embrace the Egret One Experience

The Egret One is more than just an electric scooter; it’s a masterpiece of engineering and design. With its robust security features, eye-catching lighting system, precision-crafted materials, and customizable sizing, the Egret One is in a league of its own. 


The Egret One Limited Edition e-scooter transcends expectations, elevating the concept of personal mobility to unparalleled heights. With its revolutionary features, remarkable engineering, and user-centric design, the Egret One paves the way for a thrilling future of urban transportation.  Embrace this electrifying masterpiece and unlock a world of exhilaration and convenience like never before.

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